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An explanation of the TAR Residential Lease (Rev. 4/30/14)


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1st Quality Property Management, LLC., hopes to welcome you to your new home. We will strive to provide you quality service and treat your needs as if they are our own. At the top of this page is our "Tenant’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" (attached above).

The following is an overview for leasing a property from us and some of the services we provide:

Viewing Homes

If you are interested in our homes, we provide keys to you for private viewing.  Our staff is not able to meet you at the property or escort you to the property for a viewing. You will need to come by our office to check out keys during the week from Monday through Friday - 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  All keys must be returned no later than 5:00 pm (On the same day that the keys are checked out). You may sign out a key (3 keys maximum) with a refundable (Cash only) $20.00 per key deposit and a copy of your driver’s license or US identification. We cannot accept military ID’s as a form of identification.  Keys must be returned to our office within 3 hours of signing them out or the deposit will be forfeited. Please note that if the property is still occupied or is on a maintenance hold, we cannot sign the keys out at that time. Income verification must be submitted before keys can be checked out to any property with rent totaling $1200.00 per month or higher. Properties are for viewing and not for use.

Application Procedures

We require that applicant(s) view the home that they are interested in (both inside and out) before an application is submitted to us. Upon viewing the property, the application process is then completed in our office. Our application process is a first-come, first serve basis. When the application is submitted, at that time, we require $40 per application (Non-refundable) application fee paid by money order or cashier's check only. Application must be completed in full.  No blank spaces. Please review both our Application and our "Policy for Viewing, Application, & Renting" above. 

If there are multiple applications for a property, the applicant that first submits and meets the resident qualifying criteria, with favorable credit and/or income, will be selected.  If an applicant was not the first application that met resident qualifying criteria of the competing applications, the applicant has the option to select another property. 


Move-in and Residence Period

Upon approval of an application, the approved applicant will come to our office to sign a lease agreement and recieve a move-in packet. Please see the video link (above) for a detailed explaination of the Texas Association of REALTORS (TAR) Residential Lease. The move-in packet will be released to the new tenant upon receipt of the stated amount due at the time of move-in and signing of the lease agreement; this usually means the pro-rated amount listed in the lease (if any) and any additional fees or deposits due at the time.  The monthly rent may be paid in personal checks or certified funds (we do not accept cash) made payable to: 1st Quality Property Management, LLC. The pet fee and any other required fee, if any, must be separate from the monthly rent and in certified funds, payable to: 1st Quality Property Management, LLC.

Our tenants will receive a detailed "Tenant Manual: Rules, Regulations, and Standards" and have access to all of their account information 24/7 worldwide through the tenant’s portal on our website.

Once all necessary funds have been received and receipted, the tenant will receive the keys and a copy of the executed lease, supporting documents, move-in packet, and tenant's manual. The Residential Lease Inventory and Condition Form will be emailed upon signature of the property manager prior to move-in. The Inventory and Condition form will need to be completed by the applicant(s) and returned to our office within 7 days after move in. 

1st Quality Property Management, LLC., will conduct 2 inspections- once every 6 months - to see how the property is being maintained by the tenant. During these inspections, we look for seasonal maintenance issues and deferred maintenance items (leaks, mold etc.) as well as the overall condition of the home. We want to make sure that the home is being kept in excellent overall condition. These inspections benefit the tenant as the inspection helps to ensure the unit is safer, has less need of repair, and a clean inspection increases the likelihood that the tenant will receive their full security deposit back.

Move-out and Security Deposit Return 

One of the business objectives for 1st Quality Property Management, LLC is to instill tenants’ satisfaction through proper and responsive maintenance and honest / up-front, move-in and move- out inspections – so that we are fair and responsible with security deposits. We will make every effort of returning your security deposit, in full, as long as you have fulfilled your agreement with us.

To do that we have provided our tenants with a detailed policy regarding move-out, cleaning instructions, and showing instructions so that they know the requirements and potential fees that could be deducted from their security deposits. This prevents surprises and enables them to prepare for move-out properly, while keeping the property in high standards and in good condition.


It is very important in the field of Property Management, that we follow local, State, and Federal legislation and guidelines. We adhere to the laws and guidelines of Federal, State, and local legislation, and incorporate this into all documentation, policies, and procedures. We maintain over 25 detailed policies on our owner and tenant portals for easy access.


Our Pet Policy is to provide the greatest safety to our tenants while also protecting the property owner’s investment.  Our pet policy is strictly enforced. Please see a copy of our Pet Policy above and feel free to call our office concerning your pet and any property that you are interested in.


For maintenance emergencies, please call our office at 254-721-0089. Our voice mail system will give you instructions for reporting the emergency. For non-emergency work orders please fill out an online maintenance request that can be found in the link above.

We want our tenants to be satisfied with their lease experience. To accomplish this, we realize we must provide quality customer service through responsiveness and proper maintenance and repair. Responding quickly to our tenant maintenance issues is a priority for us and we want to set your expectations properly by explaining our maintenance procedures above (see above).


We will do our very best to give you top quality service so that you will tell others about us.

We look forward to serving you

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